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 Important 26 February 2015 European Championship 2015

Congratulations to Lorraine Fivey for being part of the England ladies team that won the European Championships in Malta this year.

Lorraine reached the semi-final of the ladies individual competition before bowing out to eventual winner and former Ashford resident Amy Beauchamp.

Well Done Lorraine.

 Important 14 February 2015 Team Knock-Out 2015

The draw for the team knock-out took place at Mavericks on the 12th Feb. The draw was carried out by Kenny Sharpe, Dan Nesbit & Lorraine Fivey. Witnessed by Mick Bell-Hughes and Dan Gibbs.

The first round is to be played on the 26th February. 19 teams have byes into the second round.

All games to be first to 8. Winning captain to notify the league secretary of the SCORE and RESULT on the night of the match.

Any team failing to attend a match will incur punishment.

Complete draw can be viewed under the following menu:
view>>competitions>>Team Knock Out 2015

Good Luck to all teams.

 Important 01 February 2015 Max Higginson

It's with great regret that I write to tell you that Max Higginson passed away this afternoon after a short battle with illness.

Max played in the league for many years and was a familiar face to most within the Ashford pool circuit. RIP Max a true gent.

 Important 27 January 2015 Bond scheme

The Windmill will receive 10 of Singleton Barn A's bond payment after a no show on 22/01/2015.

 Important 26 January 2015 Kent Inter-League KO Cup 2015

Sunday 25th January saw the 2015 Kent Interleague Season kick off
with the team Knockout held at Chatham Pool & Snooker Club.
This event widely deemed as the best route of qualification for the
nationals at Yarmouth for the lower division teams.

Below are the results for all three Ashford Mavericks teams.

Ashford Mavericks A
Prelimary Round Maidstone C WON 10-6
Ashford A in control the entire match with dishes from Dan Nisbet, Joe Cronin & Malcolm Johnston

First Round Sittingbourne WON 10-8
Massive effort from all of the team to come back from 7-4 down to lead 8-7.
Great break and dish from Lorraine Fivey in the fightback, also a very worthy mention
of Jamie Yerrall's ground out frame to get 7-4 to 7-5.
Malcolm Johnstone won the final frame with an awesone top cushion to middle pocket double with
the ever vocal Sittingbourne team adding to the pressure.

Quarter Final Maidstone A WON 10-3
A massive push saw Ashford A comfortably beat top division Maidstone A with an excellent dish from
Joe Cronin

Semi Final Rocheser (Reigning National Champions) lost 10-4
A step too far for Ashford A, after missing a few early chances Rochester showed why they are
National Champions and punished the mistakes.

Lorraine Fivey went unbeaten all day, but the team played well as a team and supported each other throughout.

Ashford Mavericks B
Prelimary Round BYE

First Round Folkestone B WON 10-8
Probably Ashford B's nemesis over the last few seasons on the InterLeague circuit.
Ashford B included 4 fresh faces into the team and quickly established a commanding 7-3 lead, Folkestone B
wouldn't lay down and clawed it back to a nail-bitting 7-7. An excellent 2 frames saw Alec Blythe and new signing
Adam Twycross put the B's back in front 9-7, Folkestone claimed the 17th frame after a long safety battle.
Final frame and it must be said that B team have struggled in recent years when the pressure was on but the tide
turned, the ever reliable and steady Mick Bell-Hughes took advantage of 2 visits to seal the match for Ashford.

Quarter Final Medway Y WON 10-8
A very close game that saw the advantage swing from one team to another. The match being played on two tables allowed
the advantage to change quicker than a Mick Bell-Hughes shot...
Once again the back order of Ashford B shone through and sent the match to a final frame. Again the B's led 9-8 going
into thr crunch frame. Both players probably had chances to clinch the frame but the frame was won when Adam Twycross
cleared his last 2 yellows and left with an awkward black to cut into the middle, awkward at the best of time but
with both Medway Y and most of the Rochester team hoping for the Medway player to have another bite at the cherry...
Adam calmly (on the outside) stepped up and potted the black cleanly into the middle of the pocket.
Que the celebrations of the Ashford boys!!

Semi Final Folkestone A lost 10-6
Folkestone A, playing this season in division 4 after reforming... Division 4 not being a true reflection of the ability
within this team, they had just knocked out Romney A (holders of the KO cup) in the Quarter Finals. The team also boated
several very experienced top players.
Ashford B went 3-1 behind after Folkestone had dished 2 out of the first 4. The B's managed to sneak the odd frame and
found themselves at 4-4 going into the final frame of the first half. A lapse of concentration led the Folkestone
player to pot the black prematurely after a heavy safety shot. I assume the wall was not damaged and his hand is not broken??
Folkestone's opening 4 soon took control of the match and took an 8-5 lead, a lead which proved to be a too bigger gap for
the B team to overcome. The following 3 frames were close but Folkestone took the chances in 2 of them giving them a 10-6
victory and progression into the final to face the might of Rochester.

An excellent team spirit throughout that saw the new faces fit in very well.
Mick Bell-Hughes undefeated throughout the day, Matt Clifford with some clinical clearances and some huge frames
from Adam Twycross under pressure were a few of the highlights from a very good day.

Ashford Mavericks C
Prelimary Round Medway D WON 10-8
After a shakey start Ashford found themselves 4-0 behind, Larry Law taking a fine clearance to get the first frame on the
board, The C's clawed frames back and were only 5-4 down at the halfway point. The second half started in a similar vein
to the first wit the Medway team dominating the early frames, taking 3 of the first 4 frames, the exception being an excellent
finish from Andrew Thomas. Still they trailed 8-5, when another excellent finish from Larry Law ensured Ashford remained in touch.
Dave Chilvers produced a worthy clearance to get back to just one behind - leaving Medway nervy.
Dan Gibbs and Dan Long used their Inter-league experience to win the next 2 frames, putting Ashford in the lead for the
first time. Captain Darren Madden took the responsibilty in the last frame and didn't disappoint winning the frame and
indeed the match for his team.

First Round Rocheser (Reigning National Champions) lost 10-1
Not much can be said about the second match, losing to the eventual winners 10-1. Andrew Thomas winning the C's only frame.

The C team showed great spirit and enjoyed good banter throughout the day and are thoroughly looking forward to the coming season.

With reaching the Semi-Finals it is likely that both Ashford Mavericks A and Ashford Mavericks B will be
representing Kent at the National Knock-Out in October - fantastic achievement from all involved.

 Important 23 January 2015 Player of the Season

The player of the seaosn will be determined by the player than wins the most frames and not by there win percentage.

This is to encourage players to play all matches and not pick and choose the games they appear in.

The website will be updated accordingly/

 Important 19 January 2015 Summer 2015 Season

Fixtures for Summer 2015 season now online.

Please let me know captain details asap and I will update them on the website.

Please make every effort to submit your results online as soon as possible (please keep result sheets until the end of the season incase verification is required).

There will be a time in the near future where result sheets will not be accepted via the post.


League Tables In Brief

Premier Division

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Mavericks Elite   6  5  0  1  78
 George Dragons   6  6  0  0  75
 Mavericks Magic   6  4  0  2  64
 Woolpack A   6  3  0  3  53
 Mavericks X   6  3  0  3  51
 Mavericks 15   6  3  0  3  49
 Ashford Club A   6  3  0  3  48
 Locomotive B   6  2  0  4  46
 Dukes Head A   6  1  0  5  44
 Mavericks Odd Squad   6  0  0  6  32
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Joe Cronin  18 16 2 88.8
 Andy Stevens  18 15 3 83.3
 Lorraine Fivey  18 14 4 77.7
 Frank Sargent  15 13 2 86.6
 James Sargent  18 13 5 72.2
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
05 March 2015
Home   Away
Mavericks Magic vs Dukes Head A
Mavericks 15 vs Mavericks X
Locomotive B vs Mavericks Elite
Woolpack A vs Ashford Club A
George Dragons vs Mavericks Odd Squad
Fixtures & Results

Division 1

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Albion A KH   6  6  0  0  76
 British Volunteer A   6  5  0  1  69
 Mavericks Swans   6  4  0  2  53
 George Inn (Bethersden)   5  3  0  2  47
 Ashford Rail Club   5  2  0  3  47
 Singleton Barn B   5  2  0  3  41
 William Harvey Inn A AC   5  1  0  4  40
 White Horse Unstabled   5  1  0  4  33
 Albion D   5  0  0  5  26
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Dion Orris  14 12 2 85.7
 Lewis Broughton  17 12 5 70.5
 Rob Newton  12 11 1 91.6
 Steve Knott  14 11 3 78.5
 Rob Luckhurst  17 11 6 64.7
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
05 March 2015
Home   Away
Albion A KH vs Ashford Rail Club
White Horse Unstabled vs Singleton Barn B
William Harvey Inn A AC vs Albion D
British Volunteer A vs George Inn (Bethersden)
Mavericks Swans vs BYE
Fixtures & Results

Division 2

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Locomotive A   6  5  0  1  64
 The Star A   6  4  0  2  63
 Windmill B   6  4  0  2  62
 Ashford Rail Club B   6  4  0  2  62
 Crusader A   6  4  0  2  60
 Alfred Arms A   6  3  0  3  57
 Windmill A   6  3  0  3  55
 British Volunteer B   6  1  0  5  41
 Ashford Club C   6  0  0  6  38
 Singleton Barn A   6  2  0  4  25
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 John Darling  18 16 2 88.8
 Joe Holman  17 13 4 76.4
 Neil Crabb  18 13 5 72.2
 Kevin Hilden  15 12 3 80.0
 Bob Smith  15 11 4 73.3
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
05 March 2015
Home   Away
Windmill B vs British Volunteer B
Singleton Barn A vs Alfred Arms A
The Star A vs Windmill A
Ashford Rail Club B vs Crusader A
Ashford Club C vs Locomotive A
Fixtures & Results

Division 3

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Dukes Head B   5  4  0  1  60
 Mavericks Pot Luck   5  4  0  1  55
 Swan (Town) A   6  3  0  3  49
 Albion E   4  3  0  1  43
 Ashford Club B   5  2  0  3  38
 Kings Head   4  1  0  3  32
 Alfred Arms B   4  1  0  3  29
 Plough Inn   3  0  0  3  18
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Dave Moore  17 13 4 76.4
 Gavin Barker  15 11 4 73.3
 Tim D'Arch  14 10 4 71.4
 Gordon Drawbridge  15 10 5 66.6
 Brendan Barker  15 10 5 66.6
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
05 March 2015
Home   Away
Swan (Town) A vs BYE
Alfred Arms B vs BYE
Mavericks Pot Luck vs Albion E
Dukes Head B vs Kings Head
Ashford Club B vs Plough Inn
Fixtures & Results

Division 4

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Beaver Inn A   4  4  0  0  57
 The Star B   5  4  0  1  51
 Crusader B   5  3  0  2  49
 Woolpack B   5  2  0  3  43
 AISSC   5  2  0  3  40
 Ashford Club D   5  2  0  3  39
 Rose Inn   5  1  0  4  33
 Plough Inn B   4  1  0  3  30
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Neil Whitehouse  14 11 3 78.5
 Kyle Bryant  12 10 2 83.3
 Dave Smith  13 10 3 76.9
 Terry Harmer  14 10 4 71.4
 Aiden Light  15 10 5 66.6
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
05 March 2015
Home   Away
Rose Inn vs Woolpack B
Plough Inn B vs Beaver Inn A
BYE vs Ashford Club D
Crusader B vs The Star B
Fixtures & Results

Dish Table - Top Five

  P D %
 Rob Newton 12 2 16.6%
 James Varnals 15 2 13.3%
 Scott Hanson 17 2 11.7%
 Joe Cronin 18 2 11.1%
 Matt Clifford 18 2 11.1%
Dish Table

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