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 Important 13 October 2016 Cancellations and Postponing games


Any team that cancels or postpones a game is subject to the following point deductions.

Postponing a game with less than 24 hours notice > minus 10 points and possible 15-0 loss.

No Show > minus 10 points and 15-0 loss. Plus 10 deduction from your bond money.

Postponing a game with more than 24 hours notice > minus 5 points. The cancelling team MUST arrange the re-match or be subject to a 15-0 loss.

ALL outstanding games need to be played and results submitted to the league secretary before the last day of the season. (Last game 10th November - so result received by the 9th)

 Important 13 October 2016 Three man KO

Three man KO results and league tables now online.

Available under favourites menu.

 Important 07 October 2016 Woolpack AC

Due to the closure of the Woolpack, the Woolpack AC will play their remaining homes games at Mavericks.

Wolfe Pack and Three men and a little lady will play their 3 man home fixtures at Mavericks as well.

 Important 31 August 2016 Three man KO

Please note that the three man competition will begin on the 1st September.

Fixtures can be found under the favourites menu tab, and then Three Man KO 2016 option. The fixtures are in PDF format.

Please note that The Woolpack and The Plough will have more than one fixture scheduled some weeks. We ask that the first game listed on the schedule starts at 8pm sharp.

Rules and match format
Each match to consist of 9 frames - order stated on the score sheet under the three man section. This format must be adhered too.

A team can use no more than 4 players throughout the competition.

A team can use all 4 players in one match - but must follow the below rule
- Player number 4 can replace one player in either set 2 or set 3. The replaced player cannot play again in the match.
Player number 4 must play in the same position of the player they replaced.
E.g. if player 4 replaces player 2 in set 2, player 4 must play in the slot for player 2 in both sets 2&3.

Both captains to text me the score of the match on the night of the match - no scores sheets are needed to be delivered but should be kept in case of a score discrepancy between the two texts.

Each winning team will receive 3 points for a win in the group stage. All 9 frames are required to be played as frames for and against will be used in an event of a tie of points. If teams cannot be separated then the head to head record will be used.

Each team will play the remaining 4 teams in their group, due to time restrictions you only play each team once. All teams get 2 home games and 2 away games in the group.

The top 2 teams will qualify for the Quarter Finals of the main event.
The third and fourth placed teams will qualify for the plate event.
The group and draws can be seen on the three man section under the favourites section.

Only registered players can play. List available on the website. Please register the fourth player at least 24 hours before they play a frame.

Sean Woolard has been registered in time to play in week one for the Plough Old Boys.

 Important 26 July 2016 Jay Toomey

It is with great sadness and regret that I share the news that Jay Toomey has passed away.

Jay, who was playing for the Albion E this season had been a member of our league since as long as I can remember, he was certainly playing when I joined around 2001.

On behalf of the league I send our deepest condolences to his friends and family.

RIP Jay - you will be missed by many.

 Important 22 July 2016 Power cut in the High Street

There was a power cut across Ashford High Street on the 21st July during our league games.

The following games were affected

Ashford Club C v Albion D (Latest score 8-4)
Captains have agreed to play remaining three frames on the reverse fixture.

Swan A v Ashford Club B (Latest score 6-4)
Captains have agreed to play the remaining frames on Tuesday 26th July.

Obviously no points will be deducted.

Thanks to all four teams for sorting quickly and sensibly.

 Important 04 July 2016 Winter 2016 Season

Good Evening All,

The Winter 2016 season will start on the 7th July.


As well as the usual divisional competition we are planning on running a 3 man Competition during the season.
This will be split by division and will be played in the league venues.
Each three man team must comprise of players from the same league team* - a league team can enter more than one team if they have enough players.
Each player can only play for one three man team.

* To qualify the player must have played for the said league team.

The format of the competition will be decided upon the number of entries.

Please register your team with Kenny by 28th July.
(Include home venue, team name, team members and team contact)


League Tables In Brief

Premier Division

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Ashford Club A   12  10  0  2  138
 Mavericks X   12  9  0  3  138
 Mavericks Magic   11  9  0  2  137
 Mavericks Poke'n'Hope   11  7  0  4  113
 Locomotive B   10  6  0  4  97
 Locomotive A   12  2  0  10  74
 Albion E   12  2  0  10  69
 Windmill B   12  1  0  11  59
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Scott Hanson  35 28 7 80.0
 Jamie Yerrall  31 23 8 74.1
 Dan Morrison  33 23 10 69.7
 Rob Brooks  29 20 9 68.9
 Dan Gibbs  35 24 11 68.5
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
27 October 2016
Home   Away
Albion E vs Locomotive B
Ashford Club A vs Windmill B
Locomotive A vs Mavericks Magic
Mavericks X vs Mavericks Poke'n'Hope
Fixtures & Results

Division 1

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Plough Inn B   12  10  0  2  140
 Windmill A   11  8  0  3  119
 Woolpack AC   11  8  0  3  110
 Plough Inn   12  6  0  6  108
 Albion D   11  6  0  5  103
 Ashford Club C   12  4  0  8  95
 Bonny Cravat   11  3  0  8  80
 Singleton Barn B   12  1  0  11  73
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Gary Huckstepp  36 29 7 80.5
 Craig Calvert  28 21 7 75.0
 Zac Harden  27 20 7 74.0
 Matt Coleman  36 26 10 72.2
 Richard William  33 23 10 69.7
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
27 October 2016
Home   Away
Windmill A vs Singleton Barn B
Plough Inn B vs Albion D
Woolpack AC vs Plough Inn
Ashford Club C vs Bonny Cravat
Fixtures & Results

Division 2

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Mavericks Pot Luck   10  9  0  1  136
 Swan (Town) A   10  7  0  3  104
 Kings Head   10  6  0  4  100
 Woolpack B   11  5  0  6  98
 Swan (Town) B   10  5  0  5  95
 Ashford Club B   11  2  0  9  46
 Singleton Barn A   10  2  0  8  43
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Lee Crumbie  27 21 6 77.7
 David Coker  30 23 7 76.6
 Dave Moore  27 20 7 74.0
 James Saunders  33 20 13 60.6
 Tim Hollingsbee  21 12 9 57.1
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
27 October 2016
Home   Away
Swan (Town) A vs Woolpack B
Mavericks Pot Luck vs Swan (Town) B
Singleton Barn A vs Kings Head
BYE vs Ashford Club B
Fixtures & Results

Dish Table - Top Five

  P D %
 Jamie Yerrall 31 7 22.5%
 Scott Hanson 35 5 14.2%
 Dave Riley 18 2 11.1%
 Matt Clifford 27 2 7.4%
 John Darling 27 2 7.4%
Dish Table

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