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 Important 31 October 2017 Outstanding Fixtures

We currently have the following fixtures that have been postponed and will automatically be scheduled on the catch up weeks:

Premier Division
Plough Inn v Ball Bashing Cons
Poke'n'Hope @WP v Windmill Pot Luck

Division 1
Woolpack B v Ashford Club B
Albion D v OPOW SB

To be played on 30/11/2017 (Sooner if possible please)

 Important 13 October 2017 Thank you

Good Morning All,

Due to a change in my work commitments, I shall be stepping down as league secretary and from the committee at the end of November 2017.

The committee has agreed that Zack Harden will become the new league secretary, most of the captains would have noticed Zack's involvement with the league operations has increased significantly over the last 12 months and is the ideal person to take the league forward and develop it further.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has been involved in the league throughout my 15 years on the committee.

I will still play within the league once my work commitments level out a little and look forward to seeing you on the tables.

All the best


 Important 03 September 2017 Recording results ongoing issues

Good morning all,

As some if you are aware, we are repeatively having issues with either not receiving score sheets, or they are not being filled out correctly and incomplete.

The committee give up there own time as a voluntary service, purely for their passion of the game and trying to improve and develop your league for the better.

This issue with sheets has been going on since beginning of last season. We have discussed at AGMs this and penalties to be given. We have been very relaxed on this until now.

This is your final warning. As of the halfway turn point in season coming up in 2 weeks time 28th September, no reminders or exceptions. Please spend a few minutes making sure your sheet is complete prior to sending.

Incorrect sheet, Incomplete sheet, unsigned sheet or late or no sheet will incur 1 point automatic deduction.

This notice will be added also to WhatsApp chat group for captains notice.
I will also put a filled in template onto WhatsApp page.

Many thanks

Zack Harden
APL committee member.

 Important 06 July 2017 YOUR WINTER 2017 SEASON! starts Today!

Firstly, thank you to everyone for coming to presentation, and registration night last Thursday. some very good points were put forward and have been acknowledged. Big thank you for registrations for this coming season, It is very important for us, to feel that everyone is happy with proceedings, As this is YOUR league!

YOUR WINTER 2017 opening fixtures kick off this evening,As this new season commences, the committee are delighted to have Joseph Cronin join the board.

As you will see on the right, due to numbers registered, we have 2 larger divisions, A Prem, and 1st division. all teams have been placed into divisions based on there finishing position last season. We believe this will be greater value to venues as many more fixtures to be held at each venue this coming season.

PREM consists of 10 teams, therefore will be 2 byes per week, The 1st division has 11 teams so only 1 bye. the teams that this effect this week are LOCO A+B, from prem, and Singleton Barn A from division 1, I hope that these nights an be used for practices, or friendly matches.

As you are aware some rules were discussed, below a quick recap, all captains put themselves forward for a whats app, this is now live, and they have been sent details and rules as required.

1) If a team has a NO player, this has to be placed into position 5 in every set, this no player has the same condition as any other, therefore cannot be drawn against the same opponent.
2) LATE player arrivals, example, if a player on game 5, has not arrived by the time of his frame, then the match will move onto next set. the opposite team will claim this frame, the late player can still continue in later sets. ( THIS IS DOWN TO THE CAPTAINS AGREEMENT AT BEGINNING OF MATCH)
3)ALL MATCH RESULTS TO BE FILLED IN COMPLETE AND SIGNED BY BOTH CAPTAINS. this is then to be sent to WHATS APP GROUP, on the night, ( this does not change recording process ont web, which will continue as 8pm deadline on Monday after match.)
4) Referees can be used, if either captains suggest this then it shall be carried out. ( this should be discussed prior to match commencing)
5) rule 3 from above, if a captain is unavailable on the night, committee contact details can be found on section at top of page, please photo and send to a commitee member whom can upload to whats APP page.

A few teams in the prem have changed name or venue see below.

Plough Poke & Hope, this season will play from the Woolpack and be know as Plough Poke & Hope @WP

Albion E have moved to Willesborough Cons Club, will be known as Toomey's Cons

John Wallis Pot luck have moved to Windmill, and will be known as Windmill Pot luck.

if any concerns, complaints or questions relating to the above, please do not hesitate to contact any one of the committee members who will be able to explain more.


Zack Harden
APL committee member

 Important 23 June 2017 ROLL OF HONOUR - Summer 2017

Congratulations to the following Winners and Runners-Up for this season, each will receive their trophies at presentation night (details listed below):

Runners-Up: Plough Poke'n'Hope
POS: Dan Nisbet (Locomotive B)

Runners-Up: Plough Inn A
POS: Paul Lopez (Pheasant A)

Runners-Up: Woolpack B
POS: Dave MacDonald (Woolpack B)

Dish Trophy: Joseph Cronin (Plough Poke'n'Hope)

Single's KO
Winner: Joseph Cronin (Plough Poke'n'Hope)
Runner-Up: Scott Hanson (Ashford Club A)

Single's Plater
Winner: Richard William (Ashford Club C)
Runner-Up: Andy Stevens (Plough Poke'n'Hope)

Team Knockout
Winners: Ball Bashing Cons
Runners-Up: Albion D

Team Plate
Winners: John Wallis Pot Luck
Runners-Up: Albion E

All events proving to be very competitive - Well Done once again to all of the above.


Good evening All,

I hope you all have had a great season, embraced the minor changes that we set at the beginning of season, as always we want this league to grow, and your feedback is paramount to this.
If anyone has any suggestions, as always these need to be sent in to committee, and to be seconded by another player, then we can discuss any matters at the league meeting

PRESENTATION will be held at the Albion on Thursday 29th June. 8;15pm start with League meeting following, and registrations taken for new season. I hope as many of you can attend to congratulate all individuals and teams with there achievements this season.

All teams should be represented at the meeting, as usual, in case of any voting, 1 vote per team. All our league players, landlords, land ladies and interested new teams are welcome.

We have had a few issues this season, and will make some suggestions on how we look to improve for coming season!

It would be great if either captain or vice, can facilitate a WhatsApp group, or one accountable member from each team. this will be explained at the League meeting.

I look forward to welcoming you all on 29th, including new teams that may be interested, registrations fees will remain 40 per team, any teams that have used bond payment this will also need to be repaid.

kind regards

Zack Harden
APL committee member

 Important 19 June 2017 Team KNOCKOUT finals

Good evening all,
last Thursday we had some very entertaining pool, We would like to congratulate the following teams and also to all the teams taking part on the night,

Ball bashing cons came back from a 2-0 disadvantage against Albion D, played at the Ashford club, Dan Morrison to seal the match winning decisive frame to seal a 8-4 result.

elsewhere, something quite strange for me, not to be playing at all, but to be assisting, refereeing and organizing 3 matches at the Plough which I believe was a thrilling night,
Both semi finals played out at same time, going to frame decider, on table 1, OPOWSB from 2nd division, took prem side Albion E to last frame, Ricky stewart showing great composure to seal decisive last frame, to send Albion into final!
On table 2, favourites Plough inn B, whom had a great 1st season in prem league took on 3rd place in 1st division and just missing promotion by 1 point, John Wallis Potluck, the plough took a 6-4 lead including the 2 given for handicap, but John Wallis came back strong to take final frame and book there spot in final.

Due to time passing, both teams agreed to play final on both tables. John Wallis commenced+2 and The Albion didn't really recover, they nicked a few games and a come back looked on the cards, but John Wallis played exceptional on the night, winning 8-5.

this was a great night, and I thank everyone for taking part and the venues for there support.

well done to all teams!

Kind regards

Zack Harden
APL committee member

 Important 15 June 2017 FINALS NIGHT

Good evening all,

Firstly I'd like to say a big thank you to all teams participating in our leagues this season, I think has been a successful season and We hope you have all enjoyed a very competitive season throughout all divisions.

I'd Like to wish all teams competing in Finals to night the very best of luck! Both finals we aim to have one of your committee members present, If a referee is needed then I'm sure we will assist with this.


ALBION D v BALL BASHING CONS ( To be played at the Ashford club, Albion commence 2-0 advantage, with race to 8!


The Plough, will host 2 simultaneous semi finals

OPOW SB 4 V 0 ALBION E ( GAME TO BE PLAYED ON TABLE Right hand side of Bar. ) 1st to 8!



All games race to 8!

I Will be present at the plough, unfortunately a little late, due to 3 matches being played please make sure we start promptly.

Once again good luck to all teams, and congratulations on making it to the finals!

Kind regards

Zack Harden
APL committee member

 Important 13 June 2017 Team KO QF and Plate Finals Night

All of the below games are scheduled for 15th June 2017


Team Plate Semi-Final (@ The Plough)

Final to be played on the SAME night.

Race to 8 for all games - winning captains to text Kenny on the night of the game.

Good Luck to all teams!

 Important 30 May 2017 League Summary

Good evening all,

Firstly I'd like to thank-you all for playing your part in a fantastic, exciting and competitive season, with the last league fixtures being held this week! many positions at top and bottom still being contested right up to the wire.

PREM : With the TOP 4 all playing one another, no game will be easy, Ashford club A can win league if they draw, win or match the Plough poke & Hope result. A loss for Poke & Hope would see Ashford club champions regardless of their result. Poke & Hope will be champions only by winning there game, and Ashford club lose.
The foot of the league is very interesting with 2 of any of 3 teams to be relegated, bottom of table Loco A travel to Plough B knowing 3 points will see them survive, The Albion E host The windmill A in what could be a relegation playoff, however a draw enough for windmill, but Albion need win to leap windmill. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE TEAMS!

1ST DIV : The Pheasant A confirmed as division champions with their win last week, return to prem league next season after a few seasons in div 1. well done!
Runners up and also promotion still being contested, with two difficult matches, firstly The plough inn visit the pheasant knowing 3 points will take them up, John Wallis travel to the windmill B, knowing 3 points will leap frog them above the plough if the plough lose. however The windmill need to win to be assured of dodging relegation. The Bonny cravat need to win against relegated OPOW SA or better the windmill result to swap places with windmill. GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS!

2ND DIV : Runaway champions and a return to 1st division at the 1st time of asking for Singleton Barn B, well done! As it stands RUNNERS UP and promotion to 1st Div contested by 3 and extremely close to call, 2nd place kingshead vs barn A knowing 3 points and continuing to better other results or frames won should be enough, 3rd place OPOW SB away to champions, needing to better results of two other games. 4th place woolpack B would climb to 2nd if they win and other two lose. very much to play for and could see a playoff after these matches. Woolpack also have a game in hand being played on 31st, so is in there hands. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Player of season and dish table also very well contested as always good luck to all fighting for this.

Good luck to all teams still in Team Knockout, and Plate knockout, these fixtures are online and taking place over the next few weeks.

I hope you all have enjoyed this season, If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve your league, the committee would be delighted to hear you views. Presentations and Registration details will be announced soon .

Please could all champions from last season kindly return there main trophies to committee members so we can swiftly enter new winners on them ASAP.

kind regards

Zack Harden
APL Committee member

 Important 25 May 2017 Outstanding league fixtures

The following league games are to be played by 31st May 2017

Woolpack B V Plough Girls

The only other outstanding games are being played on our 2nd catch up week - 25th May

Plough Girls V Singleton Barn A.
Woolpack B v Ashford Club B.

 Important 25 May 2017 Team KO QF and Plate Round 1 Draw

Team KO Quarter Final
Team PLATE First Round

Results now online under the competition menu

 Important 14 February 2017 Final notice on rules

Good evening All,

I hope you are all enjoying this season, please can I kindly remind everyone of the following as we are now approaching wk 4 with some hesitation or misunderstanding on the rules.

1) Winning team captain must complete form online or be received by secretary by 8pm Monday latest following the match.
2) In the event of a draw, the home captain takes responsibility.
3) Please can we make sure that all sheets are filled out in FULL and marked clearly in summary of match. ( this will prevent any mistakes being made when updating results)

Future breech of the rules will result of points being deducted as stated in rules at beginning of season.

No more allowances will be made, as this has been discussed at AGM and also presented online and included on your APL score sheets.

kind regards

Zack Harden
APL committee member

 Important 11 February 2017 Fixtures Changes

Due to the late change of teams in Division 2 - The Plough Girls have replaced WCC and as a result we have a few fixture clashes.
To accommodate the team change, the following fixtures have been changed:

Original Date - 9th Feb Plough Girls v Singleton Barn B
NOW - Catch up Week - 23rd March.

2nd Mar Kings Head v Plough Girls
NOW to be played at the Plough

16th Mar Plough Girls v Woolpack B
NOW to be played at the Woolpack

6th April Plough Girls v Singleton Barn A
NOW - Catch up Week - 25th May (or sooner if both teams can agree a date)

18th May Plough Girls v Kings Head
NOW to be played at the Kings Head

1st June Woolpack B v Plough Girls
NOW to be played at the Plough

 Important 27 January 2017 APL Singles KO 2017

On the 22nd January APL kicked off the season with our annual singles KO.

The event went smoothly and was reasonably well attended.

The main event was won by Joseph Cronin of the Plough Poke'N'Hope team, beating Scott Hanson 6-3 in the final.

The plate was won by Richard William of the Ashford Club AC team, beat Andy Stevens 5-2 in the final.

Congratulations to both winners who played some excellent pool throughout the day, thank you to all that attended.

 Important 08 January 2017 Updated RULES now online for you viewing.

Your SUMMER season is fastly approaching & we thank you all for your patience since registration.

We have had many discussions and meetings and concluded some significant changes to the rules to improve the structure of the APL leagues.

We recommend now as the Updated RULES are online & can be found in FAVOURITES / SHEETS that everyone reads and refreshes on them
Also the WORLD rules poster can be found within same options.
Please note APL result sheet is still to be updated and will be prior to season getting underway.

I'd like also to point to another new development from your committee, which can be found in VIEW/ Committee. You will now see TABS on RHS. These are details of committee meetings, Inclusive of minutes within Attachements which are available for your viewing should you wonder what and how the committee works.

We thank you for you time reading this and hope you enjoy these changes in the coming season. All will be discussed in more detail at AGM.
Details will also be supplied at the AGM for each venues purpose to be displayed with landlords/landladies approval

Kind regards

Zack Harden
APL committee member

League Tables In Brief

Premier Division

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Ashford Club A   15  12  2  1  38
 Poke'n'Hope @ WP   14  10  2  2  32
 Locomotive B   15  9  1  5  28
 Ball Bashing Cons    15  8  1  6  25
 Windmill Pot Luck   15  6  3  6  21
 Plough Inn B   16  5  3  8  18
 Plough Inn   15  5  2  8  17
 Toomey's Cons   16  4  5  7  17
 Locomotive A   15  4  1  10  10
 Pheasant A   16  1  4  11  7
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Scott Hanson  47 39 8 82.9
 Joe Cronin  40 33 7 82.5
 Dan Morrison  40 31 9 77.5
 Terry Pepper  41 31 10 75.6
 Alec Blythe  34 24 10 70.5
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
07 December 2017
Home   Away
Locomotive A vs Poke'n'Hope @ WP
BYE vs Pheasant A
Toomey's Cons vs Ball Bashing Cons
Windmill Pot Luck vs BYE
Plough Inn B vs Locomotive B
Ashford Club A vs Plough Inn
Fixtures & Results

Division 1

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Albion D   17  17  0  0  51
 Bonny Cravat   17  13  2  2  41
 Ashford Club C   17  11  3  3  36
 Kings Head   18  10  2  6  32
 Singleton Barn B   17  9  1  7  28
 OPOW SA   18  6  5  7  23
 Singleton Barn A   16  4  3  9  15
 The Flying Pheasant   17  4  2  11  14
 OPOW SB   15  3  2  10  11
 Woolpack B   16  3  2  11  11
 Ashford Club B   16  1  0  15  0
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Wayne 'Dogsy' Hogben  49 43 6 87.7
 Dave Helme  43 33 10 76.7
 Lee Crumbie  34 26 8 76.4
 Jack Steer  47 34 13 72.3
 Sean Petty  43 31 12 72.0
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
07 December 2017
Home   Away
Singleton Barn A vs Ashford Club C
BYE vs Albion D
Bonny Cravat vs Kings Head
The Flying Pheasant vs Ashford Club B
OPOW SB vs Singleton Barn B
Woolpack B vs OPOW SA
Fixtures & Results

Dish Table - Top Five

  P D %
 Scott Hanson 47 9 19.1%
 Terry Pepper 41 6 14.6%
 Charlie Peerless 45 5 11.1%
 Joe Cronin 40 4 10.0%
 Jamie Yerrall 8 2 25.0%
Dish Table

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