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 Important 18 March 2017 Halfway point & CATCH UP WK 1

Good morning all,

Your Summer season 2017 has reached the half way point this week, We hope that everyone is enjoying the format and competition along the way. If there are any matters that concern you, or you would like to suggest anything that may improve your Pool league then we are very happy to hear your thoughts. email details can be viewed within the committee section.
As discussed at the ATM before the start of the season, Catch up nights were introduced. This coming week is the 1st of two within your league diary.

Thursday 23rd March POSTPONED Matches to be played;

PREMIER ; Locomotive B v Windmill A
Division 1; John Wallis pot luck v Windmill B
Division 2; Plough Girls v Singleton Barn B

All captains will also be contacted, PLEASE update results by Monday 8pm deadline.

Best of luck to ASHFORD A who kick off their inter-league campaign this Sunday v Romney B.

Kind regards

Zack Harden
APL Committee member

 Important 07 March 2017 Team KO Round 1 Draw

The draw for Round 1 of the Team KO has been made and listed below.

All matches to be played on 9th March, and to be first to 8 frames. Winning captains to text Kenny the result on the NIGHT of the match.

Handicaps listed with fixtures below:

1 Ball Bashing Cons BYE
2 John Wallis Pot Luck 0 - 2 Singleton Barn A @ The Windmill
3 Plough Inn BYE
4 Albion E 0 - 0 Locomotive B @ The Pheasant
5 Locomotive A BYE
6 Windmill A 0 - 4 Kings Head @ Jon Wallis
7 Ashford Club B BYE
8 Plough Poke'n'Hope 0 - 4 Plough Girls @ Plough Inn
9 Singleton Barn B BYE
10 Woolpack B 2 - 0 Bonny Cravat @ Old Prince of Wales
12 Plough Inn B 0 - 2 Albion D @ Locomotive Inn
13 Pheasant A BYE
14 The Flying Pheasant 2 - 0 OPOW SA @ Singleton Barn
15 Windmill B BYE
16 Ashford Club A 0 - 2 Ashford Club C @ Ashford Club

 Important 14 February 2017 Final notice on rules

Good evening All,

I hope you are all enjoying this season, please can I kindly remind everyone of the following as we are now approaching wk 4 with some hesitation or misunderstanding on the rules.

1) Winning team captain must complete form online or be received by secretary by 8pm Monday latest following the match.
2) In the event of a draw, the home captain takes responsibility.
3) Please can we make sure that all sheets are filled out in FULL and marked clearly in summary of match. ( this will prevent any mistakes being made when updating results)

Future breech of the rules will result of points being deducted as stated in rules at beginning of season.

No more allowances will be made, as this has been discussed at AGM and also presented online and included on your APL score sheets.

kind regards

Zack Harden
APL committee member

 Important 11 February 2017 Fixtures Changes

Due to the late change of teams in Division 2 - The Plough Girls have replaced WCC and as a result we have a few fixture clashes.
To accommodate the team change, the following fixtures have been changed:

Original Date - 9th Feb Plough Girls v Singleton Barn B
NOW - Catch up Week - 23rd March.

2nd Mar Kings Head v Plough Girls
NOW to be played at the Plough

16th Mar Plough Girls v Woolpack B
NOW to be played at the Woolpack

6th April Plough Girls v Singleton Barn A
NOW - Catch up Week - 25th May (or sooner if both teams can agree a date)

18th May Plough Girls v Kings Head
NOW to be played at the Kings Head

1st June Woolpack B v Plough Girls
NOW to be played at the Plough

 Important 27 January 2017 APL Singles KO 2017

On the 22nd January APL kicked off the season with our annual singles KO.

The event went smoothly and was reasonably well attended.

The main event was won by Joseph Cronin of the Plough Poke'N'Hope team, beating Scott Hanson 6-3 in the final.

The plate was won by Richard William of the Ashford Club AC team, beat Andy Stevens 5-2 in the final.

Congratulations to both winners who played some excellent pool throughout the day, thank you to all that attended.

 Important 24 January 2017 Woolpack B

Please note that the Woolpack B in Division 2 will be playing there home games at the Walnut Tree in Aldington until further notice - updates of their home venue will be posted on here.

If you are not sure contact their captain.

Venue Address:
Walnut Tree
Forge Hill, Roman Rd,
TN25 7DT,

 Important 08 January 2017 Updated RULES now online for you viewing.

Your SUMMER season is fastly approaching & we thank you all for your patience since registration.

We have had many discussions and meetings and concluded some significant changes to the rules to improve the structure of the APL leagues.

We recommend now as the Updated RULES are online & can be found in FAVOURITES / SHEETS that everyone reads and refreshes on them
Also the WORLD rules poster can be found within same options.
Please note APL result sheet is still to be updated and will be prior to season getting underway.

I'd like also to point to another new development from your committee, which can be found in VIEW/ Committee. You will now see TABS on RHS. These are details of committee meetings, Inclusive of minutes within Attachements which are available for your viewing should you wonder what and how the committee works.

We thank you for you time reading this and hope you enjoy these changes in the coming season. All will be discussed in more detail at AGM.
Details will also be supplied at the AGM for each venues purpose to be displayed with landlords/landladies approval

Kind regards

Zack Harden
APL committee member

League Tables In Brief

Premier Division

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Plough Poke'n'Hope   7  6  0  1  18
 Ashford Club A   7  6  0  1  18
 Ball Bashing Cons    7  5  0  2  15
 Locomotive B   6  3  1  2  10
 Plough Inn B   7  3  0  4  9
 Albion E   7  1  1  5  4
 Windmill A   6  1  0  5  3
 Locomotive A   7  0  2  5  2
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Joe Cronin  21 17 4 80.9
 Scott Hanson  21 15 6 71.4
 Chris Carter  17 12 5 70.5
 Terry Pepper  19 13 6 68.4
 Andy Stevens  18 12 6 66.6
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
30 March 2017
Home   Away
Ball Bashing Cons vs Ashford Club A
Windmill A vs Plough Poke'n'Hope
Albion E vs Locomotive A
Locomotive B vs Plough Inn B
Fixtures & Results

Division 1

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Pheasant A   7  5  1  1  16
 Plough Inn   7  4  1  2  13
 Albion D   7  4  0  3  12
 John Wallis Pot Luck   7  4  0  3  12
 Ashford Club C   7  4  0  3  12
 Windmill B   7  3  0  4  9
 Bonny Cravat   7  2  0  5  6
 OPOW SA   7  1  0  6  3
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Paul Lopez  22 19 3 86.3
 Richard William  25 21 4 84.0
 Steve Ley  18 13 5 72.2
 Zack Harden  18 13 5 72.2
 S O'Neill  16 11 5 68.7
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
30 March 2017
Home   Away
Ashford Club C vs Bonny Cravat
Plough Inn vs Albion D
Pheasant A vs John Wallis Pot Luck
OPOW SA vs Windmill B
Fixtures & Results

Division 2

  P  W  D  L  PTS 
 Singleton Barn B   7  7  0  0  21
 OPOW SB   7  4  1  2  13
 Kings Head   7  4  1  2  13
 Woolpack B   6  4  1  1  13
 The Flying Pheasant   7  2  1  4  7
 Singleton Barn A   7  2  0  5  6
 Ashford Club B   7  1  2  4  5
 Plough Girls   6  0  0  6  0
Detailed League Table

Player of the Season
 Matt Coleman  23 21 2 91.3
 Adam Fisher  16 14 2 87.5
 Lee Crumbie  23 20 3 86.9
 Dave Macdonald  20 17 3 85.0
 Tim Hollingsbee  21 16 5 76.1
Player of the Season (Qualified)
Player of the Season (All)

Next League Match
30 March 2017
Home   Away
Ashford Club B vs Plough Girls
Singleton Barn A vs The Flying Pheasant
Kings Head vs OPOW SB
Woolpack B vs Singleton Barn B
Fixtures & Results

Dish Table - Top Five

  P D %
 Joe Cronin 21 4 19.0%
 Scott Hanson 21 4 19.0%
 Graham Newey 22 2 9.0%
 Matt Coleman 23 2 8.7%
 Darrell Figg 3 1 33.3%
Dish Table

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